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What the "Bleep" Are You Thinking?

Diane L. Ross, M.A., 

Begin changing your thinking about every perceived negative aspect of your life.
If you think, "I'm nervous about . . . . ," change it to,
"I'm excited about . . . . "
If you think, "I'm afraid to . . . . or I'm afraid of . . . . ,
" think instead, "I have the chance
to be brave regarding . . . . "
Change feelings of inadequacy to feelings of having the opportunity to rise to a higher level of functioning.
Change feelings of "poor me" into the chance to
rise above being a victim.
Catch your thinking before it has a chance to bring you down into the morass of negativity.
If you're already in that dark state, think of one positive thing in your life until it becomes magnified
into the central focus of your being.
Take that positive thought and make it larger, clearer, brighter , until it fills you up with light.
Let this light permeate every atom in your being until all darkness, all negativity, has gone.
Practice this exercise until a negative perception
can't penetrate your being.
Train your brain.
Train your brain to work FOR you, not AGAINST you!
If you are fostering negative perceptions, you're giving your brain a diet of chemicals that will only feed it more negativity.
Give yourself a brain diet that will not only make it healthy, but will make your entire being healthy.
Use your thinking as if it were a tool
for your soul's development.
What else is thinking for?

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 This is an excerpt from Meditations for Miracles, by
Diane L. Ross, copyright 2010 by Diane L. Ross.




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