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To Receive Comfort, Give Comfort

Diane L. Ross, M.A., 

Everyone suffers losses.
Sometimes the loss is so great, it's as if your heart has been ripped out of your chest.
There seems to be no light at all in your life.
Your vision is dark with unending blackness.
Even tears offer no relief.
It's as though joy will never visit you again.
All you want is to stop the pain.
Everyone goes through these horrible, dark times.
At these sad times, there are no consoling words.
Some turn to anger.
Some turn to hatred.
Some get stuck in self-pity.
How could this happen?
Why did this happen?
What did you do wrong?
What could you have done differently?
You cease living in the center of your being and grab
at the fragments of energy that
have been taken away.
It's as if these fragments are you, and you
have lost yourself.
This is when forgetting self, rising above the pain and reaching out to help others becomes a
path back to the light.
You receive comfort as you give it.
The brightness returns to your life as you become
a focus of light in others' lives.
You must become the comforter to receive comfort.
Don't seek to escape your loss, seek
to share it with others.
To receive comfort, give comfort.
As you give, you receive.

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This is an excerpt from Meditations for Miracles, by
Diane L. Ross, copyright 2010 by Diane L. Ross.


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