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Remember to Bless

Diane L. Ross, M.A..

Always remember to bless.
Let your first thought of another be a blessing.
And then, when you can't do it anymore, when you're absolutely blessed out, bless yourself.
When you feel he exhaustion of life overcoming you, it's because you need to be the recipient of
your own blessings.
The giver also needs to be the receiver.
There are no gifts you can truly give unless you are capable of receiving them.
You must be able to look in the mirror and give yourself a smile.
In order to touch the divine inside of another, you must be able to touch the divine inside of you!
The beauty you see outside of yourself is a reflection of the beauty you see inside of yourself.
As you honor the divine in you, it becomes natural to honor the divine in others.
Bless yourself, and the blessings
naturally flow to others.
So, let the first thought you have of others, like the first thought you have of yourself, be a blessing!


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This is an excerpt from Meditations for Miracles, by
Diane L. Ross, copyright 2010 by Diane L. Ross.


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