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Growing Closer to God

Diane L. Ross, M.A., 

Relax in God's love.
Let yourself sink into the reassurance that you are being guided, cared for and adored on all levels of your being.
Feel the purity of Divine love.
Let it course through your body like fragrant mists
of everlasting beauty.
Feel it's presence within you now, and know that it is
always with you.
As you clean out the cobwebs if inner doubt, replace them with gold-spun clothes of Divine guidance.
Let prayer be the mind-food your thoughts feast upon.
Let love be the energy that motivates every cell in your body.
Let each atom smile with joy as you allow positive energy to radiate in ever-increasing circles.
Let love be what powers your soul and you will
never run out of energy.
It is not through suffering that you develop the soul,
it is through joy.
When you can see God in spite of your pain, when you can focus on good, in spite of circumstances,
you grow.
When you allow your gifts to shine through tragedy,
you become closer to God.
Relax in God's love.
Let yourself sink into the softness of the
strongest power in the universe.

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This is an excerpt from Meditations for Miracles, by
Diane L. Ross, copyright 2010 by Diane L. Ross.


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