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Excerpts from Meditations for Miracles

Diane L. Ross, M.A., 

This is a collection of excerpts from Meditations for Miracles written by Diane L. Ross which is centered around love, forgiveness, personal growth, and happiness. Each is written as a form of daily meditation, contemplation, and inspiration in all our daily lives. This work was many years in the making and has been slowly and carefully created. Encompassing 365 different daily reflections, it is sure to delight and inspire you every day.


Fear Is Forgetting To Trust
See the Best and Become Your Best
Spend Time With Yourself
The Mystery of Co-Creation
Become Fullfilled, Not Fear-Filled
Don't Take Hurt to Heart
Remember to Bless
Your Place is Safe
Growing Closer to God
To Receive Comfort, Give Comfort
What the "Bleep" Are You Thinking?
Brutality is an Expression of Self-Hatred
Do You Have A Good Complainer?
Miracle Seeds
You Can Only Break Your Own Heart
Worry is Negative Prayer
Try Discipline - It's Easier!

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