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Brutality is an Expression of Self-Hatred

Diane L. Ross, M.A., 

Brutality is the quintessential expression of self-hatred.
Brutality allows for one, small second, the experience
of self-hatred to be transformed
into another's suffering.
The pain they perpetrate upon another distracts them
from their own, internal pain.
That internal pain is a result of self hatred.
People who hate themselves fear God, because
they believe God hates them, too.
They unconsciously believe that God hates them, so they spend their lives hiding in terror of damnation.
The only way the darkness of brutality can be overcome is through the light of love.
Only love has the power to pierce the fear
in which brutality lives.
One, single flame of love can
overcome the darkest fear.
Focusing on love automatically dissipates fear.
Brutality cannot co-exist with love.
Brutality is the soul's cry for correction.
True correction is only achieved through love.
True correction is received with gratitude, and given with honor.
True correction is a gift from the heart to the soul.
As the heart opens, the soul can receive gifts
of love and release self-hatred.
Self love fills the darkness of the soul so that brutality
can no long exist.
The light of love always prevails
over the darkness of brutality.
Be a vehicle of love's light and the
hatred in the heart is no more.

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