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Become Fulfilled, Not Fear-filled

Diane L. Ross, M.A., 

The concept of security exists only in this realm.
Security exists only in this realm because it is based on the concept of insecurity, or fear.
You wouldn’t need to feel secure unless
you were afraid to begin with.
The only way you can truly be secure is to
rise above fear.
The only way you can rise above fear is to expand your consciousness out of the realm of duality.
This consciousness-expansion is achieved through the
practice of meditation.
As you practice meditation you
become aware of the fear-filled mind.
It is not a matter of trying to quiet the fear-filled mind,
it is a matter of rising above it.
As you realize you are not your fear-filled mind, your consciousness automatically rises above it.
You realize you don’t need security because
who you really are could never be insecure!
Who you really are cannot be fearful, cannot be hurt, damaged or destroyed.
You will experience these negative states
until you learn to rise above them.
Practice meditation and watch your fears fall away.
Become fulfilled with love, not fear-filled.

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This is an excerpt from Meditations for Miracles, by
Diane L. Ross, copyright 2010 by Diane L. Ross.


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