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Audio CDs available by Diane Ross

Diane L. Ross, M.A. Certified Hypnotist Master Practitioner NLP, 

1. Angel Communication
2.Anger, It's all the Rage
3.Becoming a Spellbreaker
4.Beyond Metaphysics 101
5.Beyond Self Esteem
6.Brain Shifting
7.Changing Your

8.Channeling Your Higher Self
9.Choosing Your Life
10.Clearing Your Inner Self
11.Council Of Elders
12.Courageous Souls
13.Creating Inner Peace
14.Creating Wealth
15.Cultivating Your Soul Center
16.Deep Relaxation
17.Deep Sleep Hypnosis
18.De-stress For The Holidays
19.Detoxifying Painful Memories
20.Discover Your Life's Sacred

21.Dream Answers
22.Dream Incubation
23.Dream Mastery
24.Edgar Cayce's  Self Hypnosis
25.End Cravings
26.Energy Redirection Technique
27.Establishing True Connections
       With Others
28.Experience The Next
        World Now

29.Extreme Confidence
30.Family Karma Past Life

31.From Powerless to Empowering
32.Future Progression
33.Happiness Is A Skill
34.The Heart As A
        Perceptual Organ
35.How To Increase Your Energy
36.How To Re-Focus Your Energy
       & Productivity Levels

37.How To Thrive After
        A Break-Up

38.How To Understand Anyone
39.Increase Your Luck
40.Inner Sabatour
41.Instant Meditation Class
42.Inovking Your Inner Sensuality
43.The Law of Allowing
44.The Law of Deliberate Creation
45.Learn Self Hypnosis
46.Learning to Love
        Your Negativities

47.Learning to Trust Again
48.Life Between Life
49.Living Fearlessly
50.Living In The Crack
51.Manifesting Intentions
52.Manifesting Miracles
53.Mending Matters of the Heart
54.Mind Magic
55.Money And The Law
        of Attraction

56.Mystical Medicine Bag
57.Negativity Shield
58.NLP Create A Shield
        of Excellence

59.Overcoming Depression
60.Overcoming Self Sabotage
61.Overcoming Worry
62.Pain Into Power
63.Past-Life Regression
       to Serve Your
       Highest Good
64.Past-Life Regression Your
       Most Honorable
       Previous Lifetime
65.Past-Life Regression
        Negative Lessons
66.Past Life Regression to
        Discover a Talent or Skill
67.Past Life Regression
      What Do You Want
       to Know?
68.Past Loves, Past Lives
69.Past-Life Relationship

70.Peaceful Mind Meditation
71.Personal Power
72.Physics of Co-Creation
73.Planting Inner Seeds
        Of Growth
74.Past-Life Regression to
        Help You in this Lifetime
75.Past-Life Regression
        Were You A VIP?
76.Past-Life Regression
        Your First Incarnation
77.Primary Soul Groups
79.Releasing Blocks
81.The Secret, What's
        It All About?
82.Secrets of Effective Prayer
83.Selecting Your Life
84.Solutions Through Dreaming
85.Soul Retrieval
86.Spiritual Alchemy
87.Spiritual Alchemy 2
88.Spiritual Energy What Is It
        How Do You Use It?
89.Surrender Meditation
90.Tap Into Your Inner
91.Turning Pain Into Power
92. Understanding Your
         Significant Other
93.Victim Into Victorious
94.The Voodoo Effect
95.What Kind Of Psychic
        Are You?
96.What Story Do You Need
         To Tell?
97.What The Bleep Are
         You Thinking?
98.Your Inner Healer
99.Your Inner Hypnotist
100.Your Inner Rebel
101.Your Spiritual Ideal

The above recordings ⇑⇑⇑ are live recordings of sessions taught by Diane
at Cutting-Edge Consciousness. Each of the class cd's are divided into three tracks,
an opening informational talk, a group hypnosis or NLP session, followed by 
group discussion of the group's experiences and further discussions.

The CD's listed below ⇓⇓⇓ are specially recorded hypnosis sessions designed to guide
you in a self-hypnosis experience about the stated topic.

1.Instant Meditation 2.Making Contact With The Other Side 3.Pain Relief 4.Soully Positive
5.Stop Smoking 6.Stress Reduction & Relaxation 7. Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss
8. Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

If you are interested in any of the above cd's in blue, you can order them directly at
http://dianeross.com/audio.htm  on Diane's personal web page. If you are
interested in any of the 101 Cutting-Edge Consciousness at the top,
send Diane an email with your interests at diane@dianeross.com. They are the same
price as all the recordings at


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