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A Few Words From The Author's Spouse

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking "her husband has to say something positive, what's the point?" I can understand a bit of skepticism.

I am writing this to bear witness to the process of the creation of this book. This is not a book commissioned by an editorial staff or knocked out because someone thought it would be saleable. This is a book of daily meditations and inspirations that was created by daily inspiration.

Going back many years, I'm guessing 8 or 10, many mornings I would see Diane furiously scribbling with paper and pen. A new daily meditation was being born. For 3 years, Diane wrote every day. There was never a "plan" to properly fill a book, each daily meditation came into being on a specific day, delivered by inspiration to Diane, and transferred to paper. Eventually, there were over a thousand daily meditations, all lovingly written. Diane, with the help of family, friends, and paid editors, carefully chose 366 different meditations that carried the most importance and diversity of thought. That in itself was a process of years. This was a project lovingly crafted and nurtured over the years, and it's coming to fruition has been such a joy to my wife.

Meditations For Miracles was born of love and a desire to uplift and inspire the reader. Her hypnosis and NLP practice are founded on those same principles and they are the guiding principles of her life on a daily basis. I believe this is a book that will infuse you with a sense of love, forgiveness, and understanding. Enjoy!


Randy Parsley