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"At last...a book of daily meditations that will feed your
mind and your soul!
Meditations for Miracles will empower you to create
abundance, not only in the outer world, but more
importantly, within yourself. By having a shift of perception, you will be able to manifest
the most valuable
of all riches: Love, inner peace, and self-confidence."
Bill Guggenheim, Author Hello From Heaven


Are you searching for a source of daily inspiration?
Do you seek to fill your mind and soul with positive thoughts and experiences?
Do you like to start each day on a positive note?
Are you attracted to spiritualy expansive writings and thoughts?

 Satisfy those inner yearnings each day with "Meditations for Miracles".

Centered around Love, Forgiveness, Personal Growth
and Happiness, "Meditations for Miracles" is 365 different
daily meditations. Each one will bring inspiration, contemplation, and understanding to your daily life. Staying focused on the positive is so very important,
and "Meditations for Miracles" will help you do that
each and every day. Many years in the making,
this book's creation was an ongoing act of love and
inspiration to deliver the same love and inspiration
to the reader. Feel free to read some excerpts from
the book in the menu on the left of this page. Order
your copy and feed your mind and soul.